Redneck: A working-class white person, especially a politically reactionary one from a rural area.

ted nugent free for all

We were all more fun when we were younger and less opinionated.

Hey, do y’all love guns, hunting and America? What are your opinions on gender equality and non-white Presidents?

Ted Nugent is a perfect example of why celebrity personalities shouldn’t be allowed a mic to discuss politics, or anything in this case. I mean, that “job” is best left for individuals like myself. It is even more abhorrent when entertainers use their stardom to preach and push their ideals. While I’m on my soapbox, make sure to check out our website, YouTube channel and Twitch accounts all under the Prolefeed101 moniker. Make sure to like and subscribe regardless if you enjoy the content or not.

So, I’m here to write about an album. At the risk of appearing hypocritical after my glowing praise of Mayhem’s first record I’ll try and separate this idiot from his music.

free for all 2


The ’70s were a decade full of burgeoning “guitar rock” outfits. It birthed some of the most iconic bands in rock and roll and in a lot of ways was the penultimate era of the genre. The next big rise in this guitar based sound wouldn’t occur until the ’90s. By the midpoint in both decades, things were no longer fresh or exciting. Enter bands like Ted Nugent.

Free-for-all  is “fart rock” at its finest. Bland, formulaic and easily found on any “classic rock” station on FM radio. Sure, Nugent’s guitar sound is mildly interesting and Writing On The Wall is a fun jam but there is just nothing here that does anything new or exciting enough to warrant a purchase. Meatloaf sings on a few songs after Nugent and St. Holmes split ways but even his limited contribution can’t lift this thing from a middling collection of songs.

In short, turn to Thin Lizzy for your classic hard rock desires and ignore old hicks who can’t keep their ignorant mouths shut. If a hick is what you want, check out the late, great Bill Hicks and if opinions shake your milk, check out

free for all 3

Track list:

Limy Asshole
All I Eat Are Vegetarians
Hunting Coons (…and Scared Women)
Barrack Hussein Obama
Dead Or In Jail (Elect Obama)
Shackin’ and Shakin’ (Only 17)
Piece Of Trash