Month: March 2020

VGM 101: Episode 28 – PC Engine ’88

The PC Engine and Turbografx Mini consoles have been delayed. Though, it doesn’t matter either way to us at VGM 101 since they were never intended to be available in our neck of the woods anyway. Well, unless we want to spend nearly $300 on an import. Excellent work as always Konami!

In this episode we listen to some music from each game released in 1988 for the PC Engine. If you dig this content, be sure to leave a review.

VGM 101: Episode 27 – PC Engine/Turbografx Mini

In this episode we take a listen to some music from each of the games included on the PC Engine/Turbografx mini. At the time of this podcast the console has been delayed but that won’t stop us from celebrating it’s existence… If it DOES exist that is.

Show note: At the time of recording this episode Splatterhouse had not been announced as a Western inclusion on the console.

VGM 101: Episode 26 – NOT Zelda

Is this an episode about Zelda games? No…

Special thanks to @_bugDoctor_ (on twitch and twitter)