To celebrate the great Autumn weather and the magically ghoulish month that is October I thought I’d break free from my normal routine and take this time to countdown my personal favorite Halloween albums. So without further ado and in no particular order, here are some of the greatest records that get me in the mood for the best holiday of the year.

Misfits: Walk Among Us (1982)

misfits walk among us

Let’s all go to a violent world with saucer ships and whatever-the-hell THAT thing is!

Oh the Danzig era of the Misfits and how it shaped my youth. Honestly, my love for black and white horror films and B-movies and the Misfits was probably unhealthy back when I was a kid. Though, I just watched the original version of The Fly the other night so I suppose some things never change. My love for this band is in my DNA. The films they derived their entire image and musical influences from came first for me but the Misfits made me feel like I wasn’t on an island with my unhealthy obsession of cheap monster designs and grainy effects. Misfits are the horror genre personified and it is still as shlocky and delicious as a bite-sized Snickers bar.

At the time bands like The Ramones and the Sex Pistols didn’t grab me. Yes, I’m aware that it is punk-rock sacrilege to have never been a fan of the former but there was something about the simple riffs and hokey shouting of choruses that made it all sound too reminiscent of early pop outfits. Sure, I can appreciate the intelligence behind the music now but at the time I needed filthy grit to appeal to my angst-filled brain. Thrash and Death Metal were my answers to the horribly oppressive world of being forced to go to school and do chores. It wasn’t until the early ’90s that my love for all things classic Horror were reinvigorated and validated with the likes of the first Misfits album.

To this day I don’t think a Halloween has gone by that I haven’t listened to the first few Misfits records in their entirety. Without Danzig belting out the lead vocals they have never been able to recapture the raw energy that is present on those releases. Walk Among Us was a given for the first album to introduce this list. At less than a 25 minute run-time it is a tiny investment that anyone even the least bit curious should make. Every song is absolutely phenomenal with the only exception being the live version of Mommy, Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight simply because it audibly sounds inconsistent and out of place, even though the song itself is great. Skulls, Devil’s Whorehouse and Braineaters are my personal favorites but trust me, when this album is over you will immediately restart from 20 Eyes and listen to every single song again. Now sing it with me: “OHHHHHHHHHHH………OHHHHHHHHHHH…….OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH….AY AY AY AY”