Misfits: Earth A.D./Wolf’s Blood (1983)


The biggest difference between Misfits’ inaugural album Walk Among Us and Earth A.D is the sheer, unbridled aggression. Jerry Only and Doyle’s bass and guitar, respectively bridge almost every gap between songs with feedback noise and Danzig’s vocals are absolutely unhinged and overly aggressive to the point where only certain words seem comprehensible. In a lot of ways it makes the choral chants and playfulness of Walk Among Us seem juvenile by comparison. Robo’s drumming is equally as ferocious and faster than ever, or would ever be again. This might just be the quintessential Misfits’ album.

The title track and Queen Wasp open this album right up with a bombastic one-two punch but things only escalate with the furiously frantic Devilock. At a short run-time of 14 minutes there really isn’t a moment for the listener to grab a breather. This is a prime example of extreme hardcore Punk at it’s finest. It gives bands like Black Flag a run for their money and was a truly revolutionary album in 1983 that remains unsurpassed to this day.

This is a very brief look back at a short but brilliant album. For years it was my favorite Misfits’ and Punk album in general only to be later edged out by another recently. There really is no better band to listen to during the month of Halloween. Misfits are the embodiment of this season. Fun, exciting and entertaining and with albums this short, what do ya got to lose? So, once again sing it with me!