What was that Marigold? You say it’s Halloween and you want to dance? Well, today we’ve got something in store for you!

Koffin Kats (2004)


The Koffin Kats’ self-titled 2004 release has all of the working of a typical Rockabilly outfit tethered tightly in monster themed lace. Apparently the genre identifiers are on the prowl again as this style of music is entitled Psychobilly, whatever the hell that means. Wait, wasn’t that the name of the dude from the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre flick? Or perhaps the genre of films that Rob Zombie has been creating since he decided to be a director? I digress, The Koffin Kat’s rock and I’m not just talking about the fifth song title off of this fantastic LP.

I became an instant fan of these guys the moment my girlfriend introduced them to me. Vic Victor’s upright bass sound is intoxicating and his best impression of Glenn Danzig at times is a good one. Tommy Koffin’s guitar sound is chock-full of ’50s style fuzz, which is expected when it comes to this kind of music and the drums have that familiar, snare-led click synonymous with this style of greaser rock.

The only minor gripe that I have is that a lot of the vocals tend to meld together. Sometimes it is tough to discern songs from one another, particularly during the choruses. For instance, the vocal line from the aforementioned Koffin Kat Rock is nearly identical to that of Graveyard Tree. Music like this needs to be delivered with a certain amount of swagger and confidence that Victor doesn’t convincingly deliver as a vocalist. This would later be fixed on later albums as his voice matured so it is a nit-pick that eventually got fixed.

With campy, horror-themed lyrics and fun, energetic music, I’d recommend this or any of The Koffin Kats’ early albums to pretty much anyone. Typically, Rockabilly music doesn’t appeal to me but then again, I dislike quarantining any band to the relegated confinements of a genre so maybe I’ll just say that I generally don’t dig this style as I find that every song sounds far too similar. I still don’t understand who or what “Psychobilly” is but if it means entertaining lyrics and clever music than perhaps this band got it right. Though, they should have named the song The Koffin Kats Rock. That apostrophe means everything.