Wait, what?
Two albums by the same band back-to-back?
Are things at the Prolefeed101 Headquarters getting a bit slack? Was it too tricky to conjure up 31 spooky albums?
Well, yes and maybe but more importantly, definitely not.

The Koffin Kats: Drunk In The Daylight (2008)


Sorry, this was the best image I could acquire. The issue with smaller bands being relegated to download only still persists.  Trust me, I want this on wax baby.

Admittedly my indecisiveness was in full effect today. Half of me wanted to recommend The Koffin’s Kats’ self-titled inaugural album while the other urged for Drunk In The Daylight to be the one on this list. In a lot of ways I’m sharing a lot of attributes akin to that Batman villain, The Indecisivenesser Man.

Drunk In The Daylight is a phenomenal album that refines all of the elements of that first release to perfection. The amount of variety on this record is staggering. My personal complaints regarding the samey nature of some of the choruses and vocals in general have been improved. From the opening quietness of Storm Ahead to the heavy harmonics that prevail over the closing song’s guitar lines, this thing is just utterly fantastic!

For those who have kept up to date with my amateur writings on music you will know how integral I believe an album’s sequencing is to it’s overall impact. This album starts off slower than it’s predecessors but eventually becomes much faster and more intense as it plays out with a few moments of respite throughout. For example, the opening tracks keep ratcheting up the speed with things coming to ahead on the third track, Loud And Hard.

For Blood refreshes the intensity with a relatively slow introduction before blasting off into what the kids call “Psychobilly” once again. Each song on this album is carefully placed to incite the most amount of suspense for what happens next. The entire record flows so organically well that it was impossible to ignore on this list. So, what does it have to do with Halloween?

Lyrics about candy apples, vampirism and the macabre are plastered throughout all of this album’s generous 17 tracks with my personal favorite song being Bad Apple. Seriously, check this song out as you’re collecting or hanging out candy on the 31st. The lyrics are damned perfect and the delivery of the vocals exhibit a confidence not displayed on The Koffin Kats’ earlier outings.

In conclusion, everyone should listen to The Koffin Kats. Start with their first and work your way through their discography. Sure, I sound like a bit of a fanboy but what does it matter? Undiscovered music is good music and this band deserves more attention. They wear their love for Misfits on their sleeves as well as how transparently they list them as an influence so, if you’re a fan of that band you should treat yourself to this band. “That” and “this,” man, I have gotten lazy.