So, here we are at day 27 of 31. Today I’m going to recommend my favorite Misfits’ album, or is it a compilation? Well, who the hell cares because over the years it has surpassed Earth A.D. as not only my favorite Misfits’ record but also as the best Punk album of all time. If you want to know the backstory you can read the extremely confusing, convoluted history elsewhere. Sure, most of it is probably incorrect but hey, at least you’ll have an idea, yeah?

Misfits: Legacy Of Brutality (1985)


I’ve offered my piece on each of the only important Misfits albums on this list so to avoid redundancy I’ll do this one in bullet points with my final thoughts at the end. Jerry Springer is still relevant in 2018, isn’t he?

  • Danzig recorded over raw demos so his vocals are much more pronounced but also more refined with a wider range of octaves not entirely reliant on barbaric shouts and grunts.
  • This is a list comprised of my favorite Halloween albums and this album has a song called Halloween. I’m a simpleton, not a barbarian.
  • Clean, clear guitars with a pronounced emphasis on Only’s bass.
  • The brilliant inverse that are the riffs used on the two opening tracks Static Age and TV Casualty, respectively.
  • Legacy Of Brutality is groovy with a heavier reliance on competent songwriting than it’s predecessors. The songs live and breathe as a result.
  • American Nightmare is a perfect orgy of Tarantino violence and Elvis swagger.

Legacy Of Brutality is an album that could not have existed if it were created in a studio with a hateful cast of characters plagued with the interpersonal issues of this group. There are plenty of interviews with current and past members of the band that dictate how important Glenn Danzig was as a participant but mostly, the leader.

To be frank, Misfits have become a trashy, identifiable novelty at cheesy mall shops for years. What’s impressive is how people who actually enjoy real music can still hold them in such high regard. Yes, I just suggested that I’m awesome but hey, so is Glenn Danzig. Sure, I might sound like a Danzig “fanboy” but he went on to create awesome music without the likes of that band without ever using it as a means for success.

In conclusion, listen to early Danzig Misfits then listen to Misfits without Danzig and judge it for yourself. I’ve tried to enjoy the “newer” stuff and all I can hear are a bunch of apes grinding out the same three chords while shouting trash into a microphone. To say that the band became a joke would be generous. I’ve witnessed people wearing their shirts and backpacks and sneakers and socks and tattoos and bracelets and nipple studs AND jackets loud for years. Only a fraction of them know who the band was or what they mean to people like me. “Elitist hipster fanboy” am I.