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VGM 101: Episode 45 – LucasArts

LucasArts had a solid run.

In this episode of VGM 101 we take a look at some games from the golden age of this prolific publisher/developer.

VGM 101: Episode 44 – Point & Clickers

Today we take the time to appreciate some music from point and click games.

A special thanks to Mads from Retro Asylum for his take on some Lucas Arts titles.

VGM 101: Episode 43 – 16-Bit Horror

To cap off our tasty trilogy of Halloween treats we take a listener’s look at some 16-bit horror music.

A very special thanks to the Retrovaniacs for their contribution. Be sure to check out their videos, podcast and website!


VGM 101: Episode 42 – Splatterhouse

In this episode we explore some music from all of the Splatterhouse titles. To this day the original still remains my favourite arcade game and the PC Engine port is masterfully crafted.

The first 5 minutes of this one was taken from our review over at Prolefeed101 on YouTube.

Here’s a link! 

VGM 101: Episode 41 – 8-Bit Horror

In this episode of VGM101 we explore the NES, Commodore 64, Game Boy and more! 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Join us for an early Halloween episode.

VGM 101: Episode 40 – Rockin’ with the Rareware

An ultimate look at some Rareware music!

Don’t forget to check out older episodes at Prolefeed101 on YouTube. Less talk more blocks of uninterrupted video game tunage!

VGM 101: Episode 39 – The Wonderful World of Wise

This is an episode about the government. It’s a show about life, love and the existence of a secondary life.

Listening to this stuff might be better with headphones.

David Wise is a video game music guy.

VGM 101: Episode 38 – Donkey Kong Country

This episode is about Donkey Kong Country.

VGM 101: Episode 37 – The Yamamoto Show

Kenji Yamamoto.

This is an episode with rules.

VGM 101: Episode 36 – Metroid Prime

Metroid Prime music presented by us at VGM 101 with special guest Bug Doctor