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VGM 101: Episode 35 – Metroid

This episode of VGM 101 is all about Metroid. 

Metroid Prime might be a podcast theme one day but this show is all about Metroid.

VGM 101: Episode 34 – Fan Games & Rom Hacks

Sometimes fans of a popular series know what’s best. In this episode of VGM 101 we acknowledge and celebrate some of the best rom hacks and fan-made titles out there.

VGM 101: Episode 33 – Mega Man Classic Pt. 6

We’re keeping Mega May alive for another week as we conclude our listeners look at all things classic Rock Man.

In this episode we explore the wonderful world of fan games and rom hacks! 

Stick with us until the end for a special announcement regarding the state of VGM 101 and be sure to spread the word by telling a friend or sharing our show on social media.

VGM 101: Episode 32 – Mega Man Classic Pt. 5

This episode.

Music from Mega Man 9, 10 and 11.

VGM 101: Episode 31 – Mega Man Classic Pt. 4

The blue bomber is back!

It’s been a year since our last Mega Man episode based on the classic series but it was worth the wait, if you ask us over at VGM 101. Today’s show is a focus on the two arcade fighting games as well as the racer, Battle And Chase.

So sit back, relax and be sure to review us on iTunes. Don’t forget to check out our other Mega Man content this month over at Prolefeed101 on YouTube and Twitch.

VGM 101: Episode 30 – Capcom Arcade

Today we take a look at Capcom arcade games in no particular order without a secondary theme.

It’s the wild west here at VGM 101! We’ve allowed ourselves to go hog wild with the help of Mr. Sujano.

Be sure to check out his stuff on YouTube and follow him on Twitter @mrsujano.

VGM 101: Episode 29 – Street Fighting Fighting Street

This is an episode all about the first Street Fighter game.

A special thanks to Drew Mackie and Singing Mountain!

VGM 101: Episode 28 – PC Engine ’88

The PC Engine and Turbografx Mini consoles have been delayed. Though, it doesn’t matter either way to us at VGM 101 since they were never intended to be available in our neck of the woods anyway. Well, unless we want to spend nearly $300 on an import. Excellent work as always Konami!

In this episode we listen to some music from each game released in 1988 for the PC Engine. If you dig this content, be sure to leave a review.

VGM 101: Episode 27 – PC Engine/Turbografx Mini

In this episode we take a listen to some music from each of the games included on the PC Engine/Turbografx mini. At the time of this podcast the console has been delayed but that won’t stop us from celebrating it’s existence… If it DOES exist that is.

Show note: At the time of recording this episode Splatterhouse had not been announced as a Western inclusion on the console.

VGM 101: Episode 26 – NOT Zelda

Is this an episode about Zelda games? No…

Special thanks to @_bugDoctor_ (on twitch and twitter)