White Zombie: La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. 1 (1992)


My god how I hate Rob Zombie’s work. Him and Dave Grohl have been creating trash since they became things in the public eye. Is it David? Robert? Jesus Christ I can’t stand either one of them. Mass market fluff for fake fans of rock to embrace. Dave?

Gimmicky, overplayed with very little substance is how I would describe almost everything that can be associated with Zombie’s moniker. I mean, how can one expected to be welcomed into the world of film with a stupid name like that? Oops, is his surname actually Zombie? My bad. His films and music still suck though. Thank god for the damned music on La Sexorcisto though otherwise he’d be batting pretty rough in my stats book.

First and foremost, I don’t have a “book” filled with statistics. Secondly, I really can’t stand Rob Zombie’s films or solo outings but I can appreciate this album and passively enjoy Astro Creep 2000 just as long as I never have to hear the singles from the latter ever again. Gimme some Supersexy Swingin’ Sounds over the Astro Creep versions of More Human Than Human and Electric Head all day baby.

To put it briefly, the music on La Sexorcisto is incredibly fun. Imagine the fun of Russ Meyer with a coated underlining of classical horror cinema. It came before Astro Creep’s blatant bludgeoning of horror references and is better for it. Good gravy I fucking loathe those horror audio clips on that album.

Y’know? Listen to Astro Creep instead if you’ve never heard it but just know that La Sexorcisto was the good one. I don’t care anymore. While you’re at it, tell me how amazing his films are at ripping off Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Every single one of them including the Halloween reboot, re-boot, re-franchised, re-chainsawed, re-massacred, re-envisioned reworking of words that don’t actually exist in practical dictionaries. Words like Sexorcisto and Supersexy.